what to look for in a realtorBuying or selling a home is a big decision and so is picking the right realtor. A little bit of homework on your part can go a long way in making sure you partner with a realtor that you trust completely and that has the expertise you are looking for. Here are the top 5 things to look for when choosing a realtor in Barrhaven.  

1. Knows the Ottawa -Barrhaven Neighborhoods  aerial view of a neighborhood with homes.

Whether you’re buying or selling, having a real estate agent that knows the market can save you a ton of money and time. They will be able to recommend the best price to buy or sell within your market and know the key selling points of the area.  

Say you’re looking to buy a home in Barrhaven. Does your realtor know the best schools in the area or where the nearest local hockey rink is?  

Good questions to ask a realtor:

What neighbourhoods in Ottawa do you specialize in? 

How long have you been working in real estate? 

What price range do you typically work in? 

How many homes have you sold in the last year in this neighbourhood? 

2. A Loyal Realtor

You want a realtor that will put you first and, most importantly, fight for you when it counts. 

In an all-out bidding war, will they fight and negotiate for you? Will they be honest with you when a deal is no longer the right deal?

Good questions to ask a realtor:  

How many clients do you currently have? 

Could you provide me with the contact info from three of your most recent clients? 

3. A Good Listener  

Find a real estate agent that gives you their undivided attention. Their listening skills could save you time and money. The last thing you want is to be dragged to a bunch of homes with pools when you already told your agent you couldn’t swim. 

Good questions to ask a realtor:

How will you help me determine my needs and priorities? 

How will you find homes that match my criteria? 

What is your plan for finding me the perfect home?

4. A Dependable Real Estate Agent   

Hands holding phone to contact realtor.

No one likes getting ghosted. You’ve got your own busy life, so you shouldn’t have to chase after your realtor just to check-in or set up a showing. Your realtor should be able to work around your schedule and answer when you call. 

Good questions to ask a realtor: 

How will you stay in touch with me? 

Do you work part or full time?

5. Chemistry 
A realtor speaking with a client in a meeting.

Pick a realtor you like because you may end up spending a lot of time with him. You can usually tell if there’s a connection after your first meeting and if you’re not feeling it, maybe that’s a sign to look for someone else.  

It’s also common to get referrals from friends and family, but it doesn’t mean you have to commit to them. Just because your neighbour Carol loved working with this agent, doesn’t mean this agent will work for you. 

Good questions to ask a realtor: 

Aside from being a realtor, tell me about yourself.  

Do you have any hobbies? 

If you weren’t a realtor, what would you do instead?

Buying or selling a property can be a very emotional experience. You may be saying goodbye to your first home or nervous about taking a step towards a lifelong commitment. There are also unpredictable moments that you’re never prepared for. One thing you can prepare for is choosing an agent that has your back and will weather any storm with you.  

 Buy and Sell with Confidence. Choose The MacDonald Property Group. 

At MacDonald Property Group, we have a dedicated full-service team under one roof ready to provide the expertise you can trust. With over twenty-five years of experience in real estate, we have sold and bought over a thousand homes. We’re proud to say that we’ve helped thousands of clients in Barrhaven and across the Ottawa area close a deal with confidence and satisfaction.