Selling your home can be stressful, and it can be made more or less stressful depending on the seller’s agent you choose.

All realtors are not created equal.

If you speak to different agents, you’ll quickly learn that we don’t all use the same strategies to sell your home. We don’t all give the same advice or provide the same services. Given the magnitude of the transaction, it’s surprising that people often don’t ask more questions when looking for a real estate agent to sell their home. 

Our MacDonald Property Group agents always welcome questions from our clients. The more questions, the better. It tells us the seller is doing their homework to find the agent that is the best fit for them. 

The following are great topics to bring up with a prospective real estate team when you are looking to sell your home in Barrhaven and other Ottawa areas.

Right from the start, sellers should ask us the basics

  • How long have we been selling real estate?
  • How many homes have we listed/sold in the past year?
  • Have we sold homes in your particular neighbourhood?
  • For the houses we’ve sold, what was the list-price-to-sell price ratio?
  • What was the average amount of time the properties listed were on the market?

What else is important to consider?

A Seller’s Agent Experience

We believe it’s important to share some of the awards and accolades we are proud of with our potential clients. This speaks to our real estate experience and what sets us apart from other realtor groups in the Barrhaven and Ottawa area.

Ask us specifically for references from the three most recent homes we’ve sold or for specific homes we’ve sold within your neighbourhood. We pride ourselves in never having to cherry-pick clients for a positive review.

A Seller’s Agent Selling Strategies person playing chess is similar to seller's agent strategies.

There are different strategies to sell your home. Ask us how we would value your home and why? How are the current market conditions affecting our selling strategy?

In a hot market, like the one Ottawa sees now, we might recommend listing the property well above market value and see what offers come in. Or we may suggest listing lower than market value to encourage a bidding war. Both strategies are valid, but you’ll want to go with the one you are comfortable with.

The same logic applies to what needs to be done to the house before selling. In one situation, we might suggest listing right away while the market’s hot without worrying about upgrades, repairs or staging. In another case, we might provide multiple suggestions to improve the home’s appeal before listing it. By the way, here are a few tips for preparing your home for sale.

There is no right or wrong answer, but you should feel comfortable with our explanations and responses to your questions.

A Seller’s Agent Communication Skills seller's agents communication skills

Just as important as the strategy itself, if not more important, is the communication between you and your seller’s real estate agent. Will we listen when you express concerns or explain what’s most important to you as a seller? Is there an easy rapport from the start?

How do we get feedback after viewings? Do we send an email to the other agent and move on, or do we make a follow-up call if we don’t hear back? How often will we communicate with you, and by what means?

What About Commission?

This can never be said enough. The lowest commission does not necessarily equate to the best deal for you. Ask our agents what we will do for you to earn our commission and put more money in your pocket. Also, what’s included in the service? 

At MacDonald Property Group, when asked about commission, we often say: “What is more important? The cost? Or the return?”

Inquire as to what happens in a dual agency situation where the same agent represents both the buyer and the seller? How do we, as real estate agents, put our seller’s interests first and negotiate in their best interest?

It Comes Down to Trust 

Selling your house is a significant life event, and who you choose to guide you through it should be someone you trust and feel at ease with. 

Are you feeling inquisitive? At the MacDonald Property Group, our team of real estate agents is an open book and is ready to answer all your questions. Get in touch with us today.

Buy and sell with confidence. Choose the MacDonald Property Group.

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